Quantitative Research

We are Leading Market Research Organization in India

This services are pertaining to the complete evaluation of consumers in a multiple methods. The primary motive of the quantitative is to attain respondents data in a efficient way.

The market research team utilizes the human skills to communicate with the respondents of various cultures. Our team ensures convenience to our venerated clients by utilizing the dynamic methods for the purpose of accumulating the significant data.

Personal Interview

Personal interview or face – to-face interview is also known as “Personal respondent survey”. It has been traditionally implemented for decades. The marker research team undertakes the initiative of visiting geographical realms for the objective of procuring vital information from the target respondents.


  • It is beneficial for us in obtaining bountiful number of responses from various respondents.
  • We could essentially evaluate the behaviors and attitudes of the consumers.

Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)

In this process of computer assisted personal services, The personal data accumulated through call, if the respondents are eligible for the criteria , they would be regressed by our team for Personal interview. Dynamic market research is well-versed with the unique software known as “ Computer Assisted Personal interview (CAPI)”

Computer Assisted Telephone Interview

The respondent data is recorded in a InfoTech system, The contact numbers are randomly selected based on the eligible criteria and Geographical realms , Our team undertake the initiative to call respondents for a interview. The time, place and date has been briefed by the market research team.

Central Location Test

The potential respondents are accumulated in a ambience as per the suitable criteria of the clients. This respondents are edified by the research professionals. The product is elaborated by the clients in the presence of the audience. The commodity is also compared with rivals for the motive of indentifying quality. The research team may provide the products to utilize it for the purpose of evaluating packaging, Features and Quality.

Mystery Shopping/Audit

Mystery shopping is tool utilized by us to predict the quality of the services. It is the primary objective of every profit generating organization to become conscious about the product performance in the market. We seek to offer services to accomplish the goals of the firms in the form of mystery shopping/Audit.


  • In order to become conscious on the market position, the Market research executives undertakes the initiative to conduct the test as actual customers who prefer excellent customer service.
  • This executive provides the feedback of the service/products.
  • This feedback is essential in providing current products/services brand position in the competitive market.

New Product Development Testing

Every firm has the intention of launching a new product in the market. Prominently, There is probability of risk in the market due to commodity refusal by the target customers. In order to diminish the measurable risk, The market research plays vital role in revealing the consumer awareness and behavior. This test also provides essence of respondent feedback for the evolution of prevailing commodities.

Health-care projects

Health-care is given a prime significance as it is essential to ensure enhanced health conditions. The doctors and medical faculty has to play vital role to meet the requirements of the patients in unique quality service. The well-established goodwill is mandatory to prevail in the competitive market. The finest services generated in healthcare domain would determine the Goodwill.

Our skilled team would undertake scientific accumulation of data through innovative method of market research. The procured data from the target audience is beneficial to undertake the analysis of the respondent opinion.

Automotive Research

We ensure in-depth opinions of the target respondents to our respective clients. We conduct the significant study of car clinics which has been essential to procure the opinions of the respondents. The clinic is vital to make effective decision in the market.

Our team is well-versed with the procedure to obtain the insight opinions of the respondents. We emphasize on the core benefits of the adulated clients. Our research team is flexible to the requirements of the clients. We inculcate innovative methods to accomplish marketing objectives. With the essence of our professional team, We could undertake projects for various categories of automobile like commercial, Passengers and industrials.

  • Automobile Advertising Research:
    • The purpose of advertising is to convince customers that a company's services or products are the best, enhance the image of the company, point out and create a need for products or services, demonstrate new uses for established products, announce new products and programs.
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies:
    • Helps brand to know how they are doing in the market or what are action steps that is needed to be taken in case of deviation from the final result.

Social Research

Every nation expects the large successful firms to undertake the corporate social responsibility. The motive of this social accountability is to benefit the welfare of the societies in remote realms. It could be rallies, Social Campaigns, NGO work. We are a significant asset to accumulate the data in a scientific method of market research. The collected data is essential to generate awareness. Our professional team is experienced with NGO projects. Our firm is emphatic towards the economic and social requirements of the nation.


Event Research

Events include the promotion of the brands and their respective products & services.It plays vital key role to activate brand in the initial stage of product life cycle. The firms would prefer to know the impact in the market. We are essential to procure the opinions from the target audience about the brand promotions. We utilize qualitative and quantitative methods of market research. We ensure the clients are satisfied with our data. Our team could also conduct the face-to-face study in the events.

Brand Image

Brand image is the most vital asset of the enterprise. It is the impression held by the potential customers. It is the primary objective of the firm to establish a leading brand through customer loyalty.



  • Brand Image distinguish from other products in terms of logo, price, quality, packaging, labeling and market position.
  • It determines the sales of the products as the character and value is portrayed by it’s image.
  • The mutual loyalty of the customers is essential to attract and retain the existing consumers.

Hence, Our team thrives to evaluate the pre-launch brand and establish proactive solutions to eliminate the firm’s adversity in a prevailing brand.