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Case Studies


We have succesfully conducted over 50 Market Research Projects for automotive gaints from industries ranging from tractors, commercial cars, premium cars, sports bike, trucks and tippers, etc. Various Market Research Activities ranging from Mystery Audit Dealer evaluations, Purchase Behaviour studies, Service satisfaction studies, Post purchase & Cutomer satisfaction Feedback and Car/Bike clinics have been conducted throughout India. We also possess dedicated team of experts and over 60 expert mystery auditors exclusively for Automobile sector.


FMCG industry is one of the most dynamic and competative industry requiring Market Research services at regular interval to experience and field gaps, Concept Testing, Satisfaction studies, Supply chain evaluation,etc. We have been associated with FMCG gaints all over India conducting majority of Market Research services be it quantative or Qualitative. We have diverse network of 1000 field executives throughout the country to conduct FMCG studies at National level be it data collection or analysis.


Pharmaceutical companies operate in a industry having truly unique challenges like long product devlopment life cycles, regulated enviroment of different countries, Complex market dynamics. However our experience research team with over 10 years of experience has created a network of health care specailist in 10 cities, which is spread throughout the globe ranging from genral physicians to specalist surgeons, optician, nurce, pharmacist and patient. We have succesfully conducted CATI, CAPI, Focus Group, F2F Interview, Online Survey, CLT in healthcare Industry across India,UK, Australia & US.


Indian Media industry has experienced a mammoth growth over last few years and our research capabilities with in industry has experienced parralled progress. Market Research studies such as audience measurementm, rating, awareness, pre launch program test, FGDs and consumer preference towards media & Imagery have been conducted Pan-India are also one of the pioneers to provide media companies with social media listening tools and online/mobile panels to masure thier brand/product reach on social media.